Easy-On Leather Muzzle
Easy-On Leather Muzzle

Easy-On Leather Muzzle

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This muzzle has large holes and nose openings for air ventilation with a padded nose and is unlined.  We recommend this muzzle for veterinary and temporary restraint.  

Hand Crafted from soft brown latigo leather.  All muzzle are approximately 3.5" in nose length (inner muzzle measurement).  To measure your dog, measure around the tip of the nose (all the way around end of snout) and then all the way around the widest part of the nose (just under eyes).  For dogs with wider, snort muzzles (rottweilers, pitbulls, and other similar breeds) I would recommend a different muzzle!

Sizing is approximate, please call us with any questions 800-678-7353!

Fits Muzzle Measurements:

Small-  8.5" end of nose, 11.5" under the eyes

Small Narrow- 7.5" end of nose, 10" under the eyes

Medium- 10" end of nose, 12" under the eyes

Medium Narrow- 8.5" end of nose, 11" under the eyes 

Large- 10.5" end of nose, 14" under the eyes

Large Narrow- 9" end of nose, 12" under the eyes