Choosing a leather collar size!

Here are some things to think about when choosing a new leather collar for your dog!

What am I planning on using this collar for?  Is it an everyday collar?  Do you plan on using it for sport or agitation.  Do you want a thicker collar for a dog that may pull on walks.  Do you have a new puppy or a toy breed with a tiny neck?  Do you want a reflective, highly visible collar?

 After you decided on a collar, measuring your dog's neck is important in getting the right size!  DO NOT MEASURE YOUR DOGS COLLAR, that will lead to an incorrect sizing. 

If you have any questions about sizing, or collar suggestions, please call toll free 800-678-7353 or email!


Choosing a collar size --> Measure your dog's neck size!

Jule's neck measures 18" slightly snug!

Now look what would happen if I chose a new collar based off of her current collar length!

By measuring the collar she wears daily, it looks like she may wear a 20" collar!  This is why we say to measure the dogs neck for a more accurate size!

Check out how we size our collars! 

We say our collar fit a neck size ___"-___" ( ie. approximately 18" to 24")  All of our leather products are handmade so there can be some variations in sizing!  Which also gives us the ability to custom order a special size if needed!

We measure our collars based on the inner circumference when they are buckled up (like they would fit on a dog!)

This collar measures 17" on the tightest hole!

And it fits up to 23" on the loosest hole! 

We say sizing can be approximate due to everything being handmade.  These measurements are the perfect example because this collar fits approximately 18" to 24"! 

If you have a dog that is in between sizes, we can always measure collars to see if we have something that will work in stock or if we need to custom order!  Custom orders take approximately 2-4 weeks to come in before shipping to you!

Please call toll free 800-678-7353 or email if you have any questions or to custom order a collar!