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Measuring your dog for a leather muzzle!

POLICE K-9 WORKING & MULTI-PURPOSE MUZZLE Muzzle Size Measurements for Standard, Narrow, and Wide Muzzles What size muzzle you need is dependent on the weight and jaw structure of your dog. We have specific measurements for German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and those with similar jaw structures.  Sizing also depends on what you intend to use the muzzle for!   This size chart is approximate, place call for assistance if needed.   Measure length of dog's muzzle >>  and circumferences of the widest part of the muzzle, just under the dog's eyes >> as well as around the tip of the nose >>   STANDARD  Recommended for German Shepherds and dogs with similar jaw structure (4" length) available in: Size Weight Muzzle Circumference-...

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