Soft Basket Muzzle
Soft Basket Muzzle

Soft Basket Muzzle

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Made by Coastal, this product is quality guaranteed! This is a great temporary restraint, made to prevent biting, chewing and barking. This muzzle features a flexible silicone basket and  soft padded neoprene lined straps. Easy to adjust for a ideal fit.

Available in a variety of sizes:

1-Dachshund, Maltese Toy Poodle,

2-Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell, West Highland Terrier,

3-Beagle, Corgi, Schnauzer,

4-Dalmation, Pointer, Husky,

5-Retriever, Boxer, Doberman,

6-Mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard.

If you have any questions about sizing please call us toll free 800-678-7353!