7" Single Handle Jute Tug
10" Single Handle Flax Tug
16" Double Handled Flax Tug
16" Double Handled Jute Tug
24" Double Handled Flax Tug
24" Double Handled Jute Tug

Flax and Jute Tugs

Regular price $35.95 Sale price $30.95

Jute Tugs are stuffed and semi-stiff, light tan/cream in color.  The Flax tugs are stuffed and flexible and come in assorted  colors  (we do not have a choice for colors).  A variety of lengths available.  Length will specify whether tug has one or two handles.  For supervised play, they are not chew toys.  


Available while supplies last.  We can no longer get these tugs but are sourcing replacements as of 7/25/23.