Herm Sprenger Secure Buckle Adapter- BLACK STAINLESS STEEL

Herm Sprenger Secure Buckle Adapter- BLACK STAINLESS STEEL

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NEW product.  As these become more popular, we will stock more.  For now, please limit yourself to 12 of each size. 

Want to make your prong collar a quick release, but secure?  Look no further than the new Secure buckle clip prong adapter from Herm Sprenger! ADAPTER ONLY, COLLAR SOLD SEPARATELY. 

The awesome stainless steel secure buckle is designed to replace the solid center plate of their 2.25mm and the 3mm/3.2mm prong collars!  Pinch the links together to take out of the stock solid center plate, and pinch again to pop the prongs in the secure buckle.  You will have to adapt sizing, by taking out, or adding links, the secure buckle piece, when fastened, is approximately 2" (from the holes on either side).  Then you have a secure buckle pinch that is easy on and off. Sizing the collar is important for prong performance and function!  As ALWAYS, we recommend working with a professional!

This is great for people who may have a hard time using the prongs to get a collar on or off and do not want the standard quick release.  **This is not a kit, it is the secure buckle only, prong collars are sold separately. This product is price controlled by the manufacturer

3mm/3.2mm secure buckle is pictured with the 3.25mm prong collar!