Irregular Support Harnesses

Irregular Support Harnesses

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Like our regular single and double strap support harnesses, but these harnesses may have an odd size, or handle height measurement!  These are all brand new harnesses and nothing is wrong with them!  They are tagged with the size as they have mismarked chest plates.   ***THESE HARNESSES ARE NOT RETURNABLE since they are not stock harnesses****.

This harness offers balance and support combined with the heart-shaped front padded chest plate WITHOUT reflectors. Sides and top of chest strap are padded.  All padding is a synthetic wool. Distributes person’s weight onto the dog’s shoulders to minimize stress to the dog’s spine. Choose 3" or 6" fixed (does not fold down) handle. 

The double strap support harness has 2 girth straps that help distribute weight/pressure put on the harness handle.  This is great for taller handle heights, or if you plan to use the handle a lot (put more weight on it/the dog).  

2 D-rings on the "saddle" area of the harness spaced approximately 3" apart (under the handle) are great for attaching accessories too! D-rings in place of leather keepers near the shoulder buckles, and D-rings at the end of the shoulder straps 8-9" apart.  ALL 6 D-rings cannot be moved. 

Made of strong, harness leather which softens with time and use. Inventory varies, we do not "order" these harnesses and are not doing any custom orders.

You can call toll free 800-678-7353, or email with any questions!

Chest Measurement (girth circumference behind front legs)

Small fits 24-30"

Medium fits 29-34"

Large fits 33-38"

X-Large fits 38-43"