Walk'n Train Head Halter
Walk'n Train Head Halter

Walk'n Train Head Halter

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Coastal's Walk 'n Train Head Halter features pressure and release action that controls the head so the body will follow. Easy instruction tabs included for easy fit and use. A safety strap is included for added security. Neck strap should fit snug (but not too tight) so it's not too low on the neck. Your dog should be able to pant and drink water if necessary! 

Model shown wearing a small with the instruction tabs for easy fit and use!

Available in: Black Only

SML (1) fits collar 13-17" and snout 4-6" (Suggested Breeds: Miniature Schnauzers and Shelties)

MED (2) fits collar 14-19" and snout 5-7" (Cocker Spaniels and Collies)

LRG (3) fits collar 15-20" and snout 7-9" (Boxers and Shepherds)

XLG (4) fits collar 17-24" and snout 9-12" (Great Danes and Rottweilers)